Three Day Road by Joseph Boyden

English 12 First Peoples is a course that is currently being offered in British Columbia by the Ministry of Education as an alternative to English 12.

From the cover:

"It is 1919, and Niska, the last Oji-Cree medicine woman to live off the land, has received word that one of the two boys she saw off to the Great War has returned. Xavier Bird, her only relative, is gravely wounded and addicted to morphine. As Niska paddles her canoe on the three-day journey to take Xavier home, travelling through the stark and stunning landscape of Northern Ontario, their respective stories emerge - stories of Niska's life amongst her kin and Xavier's horrifying experiences in the killing fields of Ypres and the Somme. Told with unblinking focus, Three Day Road is a stunning tale of brutality, survival, and rebirth that marks the arrival of an exceptional new talent."

Notes to educators: This book was not recommended for use with students, rather it was suggested as a resource for teachers. Some excerpts might be appropriate for classroom use; however, they must be carefully previewed. This book is an excellent resource for teachers wishing to understand more about the historical experiences of Aboriginal people in Canada. In particular, this book examines some of the roles that Aboriginal people played in the war, and the impact upon them as a result.

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